How To Avoid “We Buy Houses” Ripoff ?

Before explaining how to spot a “We Buy Houses ripoff,” legally, we must tell you that not all cash home buyers or companies that buy houses for cash are ripoffs or scams. Generally, if a property investment company is a registered LLC or Corporation that advertises “we buy houses cash,” “cash for homes,” or “sell your home fast for cash,” they are not going to scam or deceive you. It is very difficult for a registered corporation or a “We Buy Houses” LLC to defraud someone. To create a corporation or an LLC, you must register your company and pertinent information with the Secretary of State in which the company was created in and the IRS. Because of this, it is very difficult for fraudulent “We Buy Houses” ripoff or scams to exist.

Before doing business with a company that advertises “We Buy Houses Cash” or “Sell My House Fast” make sure they are a legitimate company. For starters, most “We Buy Houses” ripoff attempts occur when homeowners find themselves behind on mortgage payments and decide to call a phone number listed on a bandit sign that is nailed to a telephone pole or stuck in the ground at a busy intersection. Legitimate companies that buy houses for cash do not post bandit signs and will not place illegal signage alongside the road at a busy intersection. For starters, the best way to avoid a “We Buy Houses Ripoff” or “We Buy Houses Scam” is to never call a “We Buy Houses Cash” or “Sell You House Fast For Cash” phone number that is listed on a bandit sign and posted alongside the roadway or nailed to a telephone pole. Not only are bandit signs a huge eye sore, they are also violating Ohio state law and local ordinances.

Are "We Buy Houses Postcards" A Scam?


We get asked all the time, “are We Buy Houses postcards part of a We Buy Houses Cash scam?” The answer is no! If you receive a “We Buy Houses” postcard in the mail, the chances are very unlikely that this is a scam or ripoff. When companies that buy houses for cash are willing to spend thousands of dollars on direct mail marketing, it is very unlikely that they are running a ripoff or scam. When companies that buy houses for cash decide to take part in direct mail marketing and send out hundreds of “We Buy Houses” postcards, they are bound to and governed by extremely strict federal and state advertising laws.


We Buy Houses Cash Dayton Ohio has been in business for nearly 25 years and we have hundreds of qualified references from previous clients. We are the largest and most experienced cash home buyers in Dayton Ohio. We are licensed real estate agents, we have a local phone number, we have local offices and have utilized the same title companies, attorneys, and notaries for years. We buy houses cash, and we pay all closing costs associated with the sale of your property. We will even provide up to $1,200 in moving and packing expenses. If you’d like to sell your house fast for cash and avoid getting caught up in a “we buy houses cash” scam or ripoff, please give us a call at (937) 750-5055.

We Buy Houses Postcard

Who Started The "We Buy Houses Ripoff" Rumors?

Once homeowners started to realize that they could sell their house cash without paying steep real estate agent fees, powerful real estate trade organizations felt threatened and responded by starting rumors that companies that buy houses cash are ripoffs or scam artists. This couldn’t be further from the truth! As you can imagine, there are ripoff and scam artists in every aspect of business and real estate is no different. There are licensed real estate agents that lose their license everyday around the United States for engaging in fraudulent activities. There are also massive and powerful “national associations” that represent the real estate industry that are currently under investigation by the United States Department of Justice for possibly violating the “Sherman Antitrust Act” by engaging in unfair business practices like forming a monopoly or engaging in anticompetitive behavior. These powerful real estate trade organizations would love nothing more than to keep the general public and consumers from knowing about all of the current and past lawsuits that have been leveled against them. For the most part, there are very few ripoffs or scams across the Untied State involving companies that buy house for cash. If you do believe that you may be the target of a “We Buy Houses Ripoff or Scam,” please give us a call at (937) 750-5055 so that we can either direct you to the proper authorities or assist you in properly vetting the company.

Warning Signs That It’s A Scam!

Selling your house fast for cash without hiring a real estate agent has become an extremely popular option among sellers. So, if you are thinking to yourself, “I would like to sell my house fast” without hiring and paying a real estate agent thousands of dollars in commissions, you need to know who to call. Knowledge is power, and we can help you spot “we buy houses” ripoffs before you become prey. Red flags to beware of include:


  • Companies that do not answer their phone – “we buy houses” ripoffs never answer their phone and will make you leave a message before calling you back from a different number.
  •  Unprofessional phone etiquette: answering “Hello” versus “We Buy Houses Cash Dayton Ohio, this is Alex, how can I help you?”
  •  Any company that uses generic forms without logos, business name, business phone number and a local address
  •  Unlicensed companies – only deal with a state licensed real estate investor that can provide credentials
  •  Use of real estate bandit signs – legitimate companies that buy houses for cash do not use bandit signs
  •  Any company that asks for money upfront – never send funds to anyone other than a title company
  •  Any company that can not provide references (easy to cross check on your local auditor’s website)
  •  Use of an email address that does not match the company name
  •  Caller ID that does not match the company’s name or service