Sell My House Cash In Montgomery County Ohio


We are local real estate investors in Montgomery County, Ohio and we buy houses for cash. Montgomery County, OH has been one of our most active real estate markets for nearly 20 years. So, if you’re thinking to yourself, “I would like to sell my home in Montgomery County Ohio,” we can help. We are one of the top local real estate investment companies in Montgomery County Ohio and are proud to have assisted hundreds of satisfied buyers and sellers over the past two decades. Our process of buying a house with cash is very easy and can save you thousands of dollars in real estate agent commissions. Because we buy houses cash in Montgomery County Ohio, you will never be asked to make any fixes or repairs to the property, and we will provide you with up to $1,200 in packing and moving expenses. We will make you a cash offer on your house, condo, townhome, commercial property or vacant piece of raw land. If you are interested in selling your home fast, we buy houses cash in Montgomery County, Ohio.


Learning how to sell your own home without a Realtor® is very easy and has become extremely popular. Just like every other industry on earth, the real estate industry has advanced and moved into the 21st century. Homeowners have pivoted from the traditional real estate sales method of paying an agent thousands of dollars in commissions to list and sell their home to either listing their home “for sale by owner” or contacting a local real estate investor that is willing to make a cash offer on your house and buy in as-is condition. Real estate agents and real estate trade organizations have for years successfully convinced homeowners that its nearly impossible to sell your home without their help. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is very easy to sell your home without hiring a real estate agent and it takes three simple documents which we can provide you with.

Selling A House In Montgomery County Ohio Without A Realtor®

I Want To Sell My House Cash in Montgomery County Ohio Without Hiring An Agent

By hiring an agent and selling your home through the traditional, outdated real estate transaction, you will forego thousands of dollars in hard earned equity. The table to the right outlines your potential savings but does not include the additional money you will spend making repairs and fixes requested by the buyer or the buyer’s lender, any closing costs the buyer requests, additional commission charged by your agent and costly franchise fees charged by the agent’s brokerage. As licensed real estate agents ourselves, we never understood why so many homeowners are willing to give up so much money when there are better options that will save you thousands of dollars when selling your home in Montgomery County Ohio.

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How To Sell A House Without A Realtor® In Montgomery County Ohio

I'd Like To Sell My House Fast In Montgomery County Ohio

Sell My House Fast Montgomery County Ohio

If you are thinking to yourself, “I would like to sell my house fast in Montgomery County Ohio without the hassle of a traditional real estate sale,” we can help! We understand that some homeowners just don’t have the time or money to interview multiple real estate agents, make hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in home repairs, clean the house before every showing, leave the house for a few hours every day while strangers walk through, and pay thousands of dollars in real estate agent commissions. The traditional real estate sales process is extremely stressful, time consuming, costly and outdated. All of this hustle and bustle can be easily avoided by calling a local cash home buyer like the good folks here at “We Buy Houses Cash Dayton Ohio.” We buy houses in Montgomery County OH and offer quick closings with no hassle. We have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the Dayton area, so you can feel confident selling your house fast for cash in Montgomery County. Not to mention, we will provide you with $1,200 cash at closing to assist with moving expenses.

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