Sell My Home As Is For Cash in Dayton OH

Sell My House Fast For Cash in As Is Condition

Are you interested in selling your home in Dayton Ohio? We are local cash home buyers and we buy houses AS-IS for cash. We have been buying homes in Dayton for 20 years and have yet to experience an unsatisfied seller. Did you know that you can sell your house for cash without making any home repairs or fixes? It’s true, many homeowners in Dayton Ohio have learned how to sell your house without a Realtor® and save thousands of dollars in expensive real estate commissions. Of course, that’s not the only benefit to selling your Dayton home AS IS for cash.

Sell Your House AS-IS For Cash Without Paying Realtor® Commissions

As leading cash home buyers in Dayton Ohio, we have been educating and teaching homeowners for years how to sell their home without a Realtor® while saving thousands of dollars in commissions. The majority of homeowners that we speak to do not want to hire a Realtor® to sell their home, yet they are hesitant about contacting a cash home buyer or local real estate investor. Once you are committed to listing and selling your home “for sale by owner,” you’ll be amazed by how much easier it is compared to the traditional real estate sales process. Knowing what I know as a licensed real estate agent, I will always sell my home AS-IS in Dayton Ohio without paying thousands of dollars of my hard earned equity in Realtor® commissions.

Sell My Home AS-IS in Dayton Ohio With No Home Inspections

One of the biggest advantages of selling your home AS IS in Dayton OH is avoiding home inspections. If you have ever sold a home utilizing the traditional real estate sales process, you know that potential buyers will hire a home inspector, conduct a thorough home inspection, and proceed to ask you to fix any and all issues (seen and unseen) which can potentially cost thousands of dollars. Home inspections are by far the number one reason why purchase contracts are terminated and homes end up not selling. The average cost of repairs after a home inspection will typically linger around $2,000 – $6,000 depending on the severity. If you choose to sell your home in AS-IS condition, cash buyers will still conduct a home inspection with the understanding that you (the seller) will not make any home repairs or fixes.

Sell Your House Cash Without Relying On Risky Home Loans

Another advantage of selling your home AS IS for cash in Dayton Ohio is not having to worry about the buyer’s home loan falling through 30-45 days into the transaction. Because we pay cash for houses, we are able to close the sale in as little as 5-7 business days without utilizing a risky home loan. If you hire a Dayton Realtor® to sell your home, he or she will have to publically mark your home as “pending” within a day or two of accepting an offer and your home going under contract. At this point you may be willing to accept a backup offer, but once potential sellers notice your home is marked “pending,” they will generally pass it by and choose to view other homes that are actively for sale. If your buyer’s home loan falls through, you have two choices: you can either take your home off the market, or your Realtor® will have to change your home’s status back to ‘active” and start remarketing your home for sale. If you choose to place your home back on the market as “actively for sale,” potential home buyers may not be as interested as they once were. The reason buyers may balk at viewing a home that has recently gone off the market and is now back on the market is becasue they believe the home may have had inspection issues and the buyers backed out of the deal. Unforeseen issues like this can and do happen, which may cause the seller to experience some form of financial hardship.

Sell Your House in AS IS Condition Without Stressing About The Unknown

Now that you know there is more than one option when listing and selling your house, you may be thinking to yourself, “I’d like to sell my home AS-IS for cash in Dayton Ohio.” If this is the case, you are not alone. In 2022, we purchased 120+ homes in the greater Dayton / Cincinnati Ohio areas. Utilizing a Realtor to sell your home is not for everyone and, to be honest, it’s becoming more and more popular to either advertise your home as “for sale by owner” or contact a local cash home buyer like “We Buy Houses Cash Dayton Ohio.”


Sell My Home As Is For Cash Dayton Ohio